Book Suggestions

Here’s an updated list of books to discuss at future meetings. Please get in touch if you have a preference for any of these books, or have any other suggestions which could be added to the list:

Stuart Hopps – Rainbow Project

Andre Aciman – Call Me By Your Name

Stevan Alcock – Blood Relatives

Patrick Ness – Release

Peter Ackroyd – Queer City: Gay London from the Roman to the Present Day

Paul Flynn – Good As You: Prejudice to Pride – 30 Years of Gay Britain

Denton Welch – Maiden Voyage

Louise Welsh – The Cutting Room

Richard Coles – Fanthomless Riches

Rodney Garland – Heart in Exile

W J Mann – The Men from the Boys

Jake Arnott – The Devil’s Paintbrush

Tom Wakefield – Mates

Martin Goff – The Youngest Director

Rupert Smith – I Must Confess

Maria McCann – As Meat Loves Salt

Felice Picano – Like People In History

Gerbrand Bakker – The Twin

David Stafford – Fings Ain’t Wot They Used ‘T’ Be: The Lionel Bart Story

Nick Hornby – Funny Girl

Matthew Todd  – Straight Jacket
North Morgan – Love Notes to Men Who Don’t Read

Gerard Reve – The Evenings



3 thoughts on “Book Suggestions

  1. Some suggestions:
    John Irving In one person
    The Trapeze Artist by Will Davis
    Uninvited, Bruiser, The Kill. All by Richard House
    The Long Firm Trilogy Jake Arnott
    Ever Fallen In Love Zoe Strachan
    A Life Apart by Neel Mukherjee


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