Book choices for future meetings

Listed below are books which have been suggested we could discuss at future meetings. Please get in touch if you have a preference for any of these books, or have any other suggestions which could be added to the list:

Stuart Hopps – Rainbow Project

Andre Aciman – Call Me By Your Name

Patrick Ness – Release

Peter Ackroyd – Queer City: Gay London from the Roman to the Present Day

Paul Flynn – Good As You: Prejudice to Pride – 30 Years of Gay Britain

Rodney Garland – Heart in Exile

Pat Barker – Regeneration

Jake Arnott – The Devil’s Paintbrush

Tom Wakefield – Mates

Martyn Goff – The Youngest Director

Rupert Smith – I Must Confess

Maria McCann – As Meat Loves Salt

Felice Picano – Like People In History

Gerbrand Bakker – The Twin

David Stafford – Fings Ain’t Wot They Used ‘T’ Be: The Lionel Bart Story

 Gerard Reve – The Evenings

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